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Standard Leather Speed Ball

This is the speedball the Professionals and gyms around the world use. It has the smell of real leather that's because it is made out of real leather to ensure a high performance ball over a longer period.



An original Jim Bradley design! This swivel represented a significant breakthrough in swivel design when it first came onto the market place. They are a dramatic improvement from the old, heavy, 'S' swivels.



We have disc weight hooks, floor to ceiling hooks and speed ball bladders.


Floor to Ceiling Ball

Jim Bradley's own original design! This range of floor/ceiling balls provide the ideal aerobic/reflex work out. The handpicked garment leather gives a soft and responsive hit. Uniquely designed to provide a clean hitting surface for any combination of punches.



Pro Ball

The Pro ball is soft on your hands and light to hit allowing you to hit for longer and that is why it's the fastest ball in the world. The Pro ball is made from hand picked, very light Australian garment leather, which makes it a very fast hitting ball. It has taken many years of research to find the right grade of leather to qualify as their Pro Ball.


About Jim Bradley

Get a look behind the man and the brand he created.

Runners Taking Off
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